From Kevin J. Gardner

Change Your Thinking,
Ignite Your Life

What are you telling yourself?

About the Book

What you are telling yourself about yourself and what impact that is having on your life is explored in Change Your Thinking, Ignite Your Life. We learn the impact Perspective, Habits, and Momentum have on our life and how to make these elements work for you so you can achieve your desired life!


About the Author

"Change Your Thinking, Ignite Your Life: What Are You Telling Yourself?" is Kevin’s first book. It reflects his success and experiences in business and life.

Kevin is an experienced telecommunications professional who spent nearly 20 years with Comcast in several senior management roles.

Currently, Kevin is the Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies, a well-respected consulting firm that provides competitive intelligence and strategy to companies in the telecommunications industry.

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"Easy read. Practical, simple and effective!"

"What an inspiring book!"

"I highly recommend this book if you want to make improve your life by improving the quality of your thinking."

"Most refreshing and so very practical and easy to implement in your daily routine."

"Kevin Gardner is an amazing Survivor and now an amazing Author... This book is brilliant and life changing"

"... riddled with life lessons of real grit and success actions... I love this book - must read"

"I am excited to find this book. I love the premise... I do have 5 minutes a day I can set aside to improve my life!"

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