Change = Time + Actions!

Since you can’t control the passage of time your actions are the only thing that can determine the outcome of the changes that happen in your life. This is the hardest thing to accept because we want to have control over everything. We want what we want when we want it and that when we want it is usually now.

Unfortunately, if we want something we don’t have currently we need to believe we can have it in the future and work to get it. We work to get what we want in the future by taking the necessary steps to acquire what we want.

Depending on what we want and how far away it is from what we have currently will determine how many steps or actions we need to take to get to that point. The more actions that need to be taken the longer it will take, so do you want something in the future that will take lots of actions?

Get started!! Time will go faster if you get started on taking all the actions you need to complete to achieve that goal!

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Kevin J. Gardner

A newly published author, Kevin is an experienced telecommunications professional; President of Multifamily Utility Solutions and Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies after a 20 year career with Comcast where he served in several senior management roles.

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