Every Day is a New Year’s Day!

Today I have been inundated with wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year! And reminders that we now have 365 New Chances for Happiness!

Admittedly, these wishes frustrated me at first because on page 122 in the Chapter “Change: A Process That Leads to Progress”, I point out that ” Every day is the start of a new 365 (or 366) day period. After all – a year is defined as “the time taken by the earth to make one revolution around the sun.” It’s not strictly January 1st through December 31st.”

On January 1st, more than on any other day, I hope people realize that while this is the start of a new calendar year, every new day is the start of a new year as a year is defined.

Let’s take the optimism and enthusiasm that we have today and make it a habit. Let’s dive into each and every new day, the way we are embracing the morning of January 1st.

Let’s give ourselves a fresh start every morning! This habit will pay huge dividends! This Change in Your Thinking will be another way to Ignite Your Life!!

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Kevin J. Gardner

A newly published author, Kevin is an experienced telecommunications professional; President of Multifamily Utility Solutions and Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies after a 20 year career with Comcast where he served in several senior management roles.

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