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Yesterday while meeting with one of my friends, I overheard the discussion amongst a group of people about how great things were in the “good old days”. They discuss how much easier things were before everything was online and how they used to call and actually talk to people and not machines.

Hard to argue with them that we’ve lost some of the personal touches that we used to enjoy. We miss talking to the same person when you called a company instead of being routed to a random person.

Were some things friendlier in the past? In some ways, but could we access our account information or make appointments whenever it was convenient for us or only when the office was open, and the line wasn’t busy? Does anyone say, I miss picking up the phone to make a call and not being able to because someone was on my Party Line (younger people can Google “Party Line” – and after you do, I can assure you that yes – there really were Party Lines).

And what about the benefits we have received from advances in medical care. Minimally invasive surgeries compared to weeks of healing from major surgeries that used to include huge scars from large incisions? Do we miss those, or would we rather have the medical advancements we do today.

One can only imagine 50 years from now that same conversation, probably in a different diner, happening but who knows what we enjoy today that will be missed in the future? Better yet, what major advances in medicine are ahead of us, or transportation for that matter? Does anyone miss the horse and buggy if you are trying to get from New York or Los Angeles?


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A newly published author, Kevin is an experienced telecommunications professional; President of Multifamily Utility Solutions and Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies after a 20 year career with Comcast where he served in several senior management roles.

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