Enjoy Time as It Happens!

My son is a senior in high school as I write this and plays varsity basketball. I live 400 miles from where he does but try to make as many games as possible.

About the time that he asked me to make sure I could attend Senior Night, I started to think about the reality of his organized basketball career coming to a conclusion. I thought about the proud moment of accompanying him on to the court for Senior Night, which at that point was still months away.

It made me realize that since you can’t stop time, you must enjoy it as it happens! And I did. Knowing these were some of the last basketball memories I was making with my son helped me to appreciate each moment even more. I was aware I was making memories and even though the action was live at that moment, it would soon be relegated to memory status.

So, as I participated in all the early mornings, late nights, long drives, losses, missed shots, fouls, and turnovers, I felt grateful. I realized that all those points in time were part of the experience. Those things won’t be the memories that I save. They were the investment I made for the memories that are of greatest value.

Senior Night, watching my son play high school varsity basketball and being a great teammate and classy competitor, are all the memories I will cherish and are more vivid because I was aware of their importance as they were happening.

As I watched from the stands of my son’s final regular season game, I was proud of #21. I was in the moment and thankful for the memories of his basketball career.

We make memories every day! Be aware of those moments! Enjoy them as they happen! Appreciate what it takes to make those memories!!

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Kevin J. Gardner

A newly published author, Kevin is an experienced telecommunications professional; President of Multifamily Utility Solutions and Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies after a 20 year career with Comcast where he served in several senior management roles.

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